AAGs are BACK!

Awesome Blossoms main core value is that flowers should be given as a token of appreciation not obligation. Last fall we started doing an Appreciation Arrangement Give away once a week where 1 lucky person who was nominated for going over and beyond would win a FREE arrangement.

When it first started it was me noticing people that made a difference, but as time went on and Awesome Blossoms started to grow I was more focused on keeping the business moving forward instead of the core values I set one night dreaming this journey. I have been feeling off lately and think that I need to get back to the core values . LESSON LEARNED!

In order to kick it off I asked one of my favorite social media connectors to place a post on some of her social groups and see if we could get nominations to start over. Boy did we. We had over 20 nominations in 24 hours. It was so exciting but how do I pick just one. Well i had my team review them and they came up with the two listed today. Click on their stories to see why they won.

Keep up the Nominations and remember that You never know what a small seed of appreciation may turn into!

Heather and Team


Appreciation Arrangements are Back!! We are getting back to our core values and proving that people who feel appreciated will go over and beyond what is expected. If you know of someone who has gone over and beyond with out being asked but just who they are either individually or an organization and are in the Southern Part of Charlotte or York County please complete this ANONYMOUS form so that we can honor them. Winners are picked once a week (the nomination never expires) so don’t fret they may get it in the future. Click on the Nomination Form and we will review it. Then watch on Wed to find out who wins.