Appreciation Arrangement of the Week July 4th, 2019 Winner #2

Congratulations Amanda, You are this weeks winner.

What was compelling from Amandas Nomination

Amanda is changing the lives of children & teens in our communities who are in Foster Care. Just recently she learned that (8) high school students in foster care would be graduating.

Amanda spearhead with support from the community, friends and supporters of Elon Homes to send graduation cards with a note of encouragement to our youth at The Village graduating from high school.

The outpouring support that these graduates received having no families to celebrate with them at such a special time in their lives touched each graduate in some many beautiful ways that they will continue to be the odds and make it.

Way to go Amanda, those kids will remember your efforts for a lifetime. Thanks for being AWESOME!

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AAGs are BACK! July 4th, 2019

The Business Model for Awesome Blossoms is APPRECIATION NOT OBLIGATION. Last fall we started a program that honored people and businesses that have gone above and beyond. The process is to go on our website blog, complete an anonymous nomination form of someone or a team that went over and beyond and should get a little bit of gratitude for giving so much.

Well as most small businesses do we started to grow shortly after the program was implemented and the focus was on growth instead of our core values. LESSON LEARNED!!! I noticed that things have been a little off lately and realized I hadn’t done the Appreciation Arrangement Giveaway for quite some time.

So I reached out to one of my favorite social media connectors and asked her if she would mind posting this service that I have in several of her moms groups. Well I am so glad she did. In 24 hours we had over 20 responses. My intent is to deliver 1 a week (Scheduled for Wednesday) with a little blurb of why they were picked from the nominations. While I hope the nominations continue to come in,, don’t fret if your nomination didn’t get picked. We continually go through each nomination (no expiration date) and my team picks the story that speaks to them the most.

This week to make a big jumpstart we did 2 winners. We will post the other one separately.

Steve and Snowden Littlejohn - Charlotte, NC

Why They won: “Snowden and Steve quietly and without any recognition, help people in need all over Charlotte on any given day. Even if it’s a random day and one of them sees someone in need they will stop whatever they are doing and give them the help they deserve. They don’t hesitate. They have sacrificed their own wants for years and have never complained. They take care of everyone around them and they love everyone so fiercely.”

That’s what we are talking about. Thanks for being AWESOME!!

Keep the nominations coming. We love doing these!

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Heather Conner